Slopestyle or Dirt Jumps?

I recently accidently stumbled across some decent dirt jumps in Liverpool whilst on an XC ride, With the brakeless BMX boys making it look so easy to get at least 5' off each jump with 1 handers, tabletops, turndowns etc I was feeling a little inspired so I dropped the seat and had a go. The first thing I noticed was the need to 'pump' and although I understand the principal from my skating days, it is slightly different with a MTB between your legs! But some guys turned up one on a Norca and one on a NS! :D showing me its possible! So I'm returning there this weekend to learn some skills and to get some pics for you.

Im mentioning this because I have similar plans for my new location which is flat, I've come to realise that I prefer the old location, mainly because it has a slight downhill gradient, meaning faster speeds with less effort, Is this slopestyle or lazyness?

Anyway, the new location hasn't changed much, I've added some wooden pallet's to the drop in
filled in the middle of the first jump, well sort of, with no near water source its difficult to compact the dry, sandy soil

cleared the landing, so that I can test the jump without getting tangled up in brambles or getting impaled on tree stumps
I dont know how banked jumps go down with the general public but I like the idea, it was one of my favourite type of transitions in skating so hopefully it will be similar on a bike, this one is big!
So plenty of work to do! my essay will have to wait its turn!

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