Google maps can be so handy!

I spent an evening scanning my local area for potential NON-PUBLIC places to build some jumps, several spots looked ideal, and are actually very close. Narrowed down;

1. about 300 meters from my house is a bit...sorry a large wasteland behind a wall, there is access via a small gap and its right by a police station too!, the spot is superflat but no building materials so it'd be digging, I swung my pick into the ground and sparks came out...Yeah lots n lots of rubble :(
superflat, very exposed and someone will eventually buy the land
2. 400 meters away from my house is a small industrial estate, part of it is quite possibly a car park with the odd tree sporadically growing from it, but on the other side are more trees, so I went to take a look, there is a low starting ramp in the form of a disused railway embankment, on the other side of that there is an abandoned garage/warehouse, tons of building material.
The ground is fairly soft with very good rich fertile soil, in fact I may take a few barrow fulls home for the garden! lots of overgrowth but very easy to clear, in fact I cleared the start ramp in around 20 mins this morn before breakfast!
I will be building my new jumps here, see how longs these ones last!
There is also a small plot of wasteland...(I just live in the centre of a giant wastleland! Mad Max anyone?) the back of my house, and with the new alleygates just been erected, it won't be the junkies hangout, may pop a tabletop here just for the hell of it!
I'm off to the studio now, which is pointless, I know I'm gonna be thinking about and planning the trails instead!

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