New feature on the way!

So I went out today with pick, spade and the dreaded bow saw :) It rips through trees like a hot knife through butter GET ONE!!!!!!!!

I didn't know what to work on, maybe I should complete features, but instead I decided to start a new one!!!!!!

After riding Cwmcarn with the Jackrabbitt boys I learned that I like drops so Im putting one on Bold Freeride Park (since now it is beginning to resemble one!)

The Deposit: well what else would you call it since it drops into a bank?

For those of you familiar with the progress so far, this is situated just after 'Old Man's Welly' and you'd have to skip the welly, go around the back of it to get to the drop...I want to give you choices on this park :)

I highly recommend insect repellant as I was attacked by a whole army of strange bugs who wanted to chew on my sweat and swinging around with a spade just doesn't look good!

I'm gonna see how this one rides before making bigger drops!!

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