Take your Pick

A little more work done today

purchased a handle for the pick axe I had found, makes great difference digging through stoney dirt!
Completed the small berm I talked about for The Road Gap (check page)

Helps get you around the slight bend faster! But still haven't quite cleared the road, very close!
slight wind against me today!!!

Can't seem to find the pic of the completed berm, or the other bits of work done, Oh well!

Ground Zero

The term 'Ground Zero' may be used to describe the point on the earth's surface where an explosion occurs. [Wikipedia]

and here a creative explosion occurred!!!

here's some pics including some of the work I've done so far, the jumps have names influenced by either what they're made from or what was found near by:

This little fella is hangin down at the car park which may be fun if your waiting for your mate's to put their bike's together!

The Road Gap:

the road conveniently lends itself as a tabletop, the take-off & landing just has a little overgrowth (will clear tomorrow)

The Main Drop:

The highest point on the common, but with little reason to make the climb so far, I just ride from the 'kink' which gives enough speed for the trails...

The Pinnacle:

because so far it's the only average jump! I sculpted my first ever jump (little thing to the right) from this lump-o-dirt, it doesn't give much height or distance, but I am a beginner working my way up to big jumps and yeah, those are horse footprints, there are some horses come over every now and then pulling 360 tailwhips n such HaHa, if only...!

These cool mushroom seats come in handy for spectators!

The Altar:

When I was building this I was using what was to hand, lots of rocks, It made me think of the scriptures, particularly building altars to God

"If you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it." Exodus 20:25

designed as a drop in to hit the The Pinnacle from another angle, it looks like it may have more potential than that...

The Goggle Strap:

I found a strap laying right by here where I am carving an alternative route into Old Man's Welly...

Old Man's Welly:

For those of you who have ever strayed into a farmer's field will understand, if your not quick gettin out you'll get a kick in the backside!
A wallride on top of a berm, the tree offers an extra challenge, but untill I ride this, I can't decide wether it stays or gets uprooted...

The Rest:

If after Old Man's Welly your wanting more, well get down here with your bucket 'n' spade, I intend to build a rhythm section along here, but untill I get round to compiling more sticks 'n' stones check out the development of the above jumps in seperate pages...


I have been riding for about 3 weeks now, bored and plenty of free time I decided to get out and build some trails.

The Site:
Colliers Moss Common used to be Bold Colliery


It aint as pretty as it sounds, but the area has a lot of potential, only lots of hard work will see it through

I am working on 3-4 jumps at the moment, check them out next...