I got Gas

Got what I needed to do in the studio done, so I headed over to the new location to get started, first task, Clearance;

The dreaded bow saw cleared the trees up no problem,
the roots were fairly easy to remove, soil is soft and loose

run to 1st jump cleared, onto building a jump!

add some steps to start ramp, throw on a found rug, people can be so nice!

My Gas roller! much like a steam roller, just not as good, in fact it was poor at its job, oh well!

thought i'd bury it instead and make the 1st take off

My vision is to make this jump, into another, landing just before those 2 trees, big 180 berm to the left and utilise them mounds for further jumps :D

Extremely flammable! unfortunately they're all empty :(

The beer keg is empty too, but makes for a good seat :)

The soil here is very exciting, it changes colour and texture as you dig deeper!
brown dirt
yellow sand
black coal
red clay stuff

I could get really arty and colour coordinate the trails....but I'll leave that for another time!

Well, sun is going down, Im hungry and tired, same again tomorrow :D

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